Sometimes you meet someone and
right away you know the magic just got real.



Growing up in the Northern woods of Minnesota, I’ve always felt a connection to nature. I believe many of the issues we face in the modern world could be solved if our species had a deeper connection to nature and better understood her patterns. I play the role of Publicist for our home planet whenever possible and hope this platform connects a new generation of witches to one of our greatest tools, Mother Earth. 

My background is in comedy and I spent my twenties studying and performing in Chicago with the best comedians in the world. Comedy is integral to witchcraft, because like most things in life… witchcraft is a process. When we take ourselves too seriously, we stunt our own growth. This tool also allows people to hear the message even when they disagree. Comedy will help us open hearts and build bridges.

I didn’t know I was a witch until I was into my thirties. The idea kept coming to me in a whisper on the wind. I would hear it as I sat at my desk writing or when I hiked the hills of Los Angeles. But I was afraid to say it out loud, because at first it seemed silly. But the thought would not leave me and the longer it stuck around, the louder it got. One day I finally spoke the idea out loud  and the rest is history. True spell magic.

I hope you find tools that excite you, nature that inspires you, and a coven that supports you.



Growing up exploring different worlds, both here on earth while moving from country to country, to in my dreams flying from realm to realm. I quickly fell in love with the beauty and diversity of our planet, as well as the magical and boundless experiences of dreams. Early on I discovered that placing an intention to travel in dreams before going to sleep would actually manifest that. With that knowing I began to understand the magic of intention and manifestation, both in my dreams and the waking world. 

I began to set intentions nightly, daily, experiencing call and response through my will and the natural forces of the world we live in today. It was not until I discovered photography in college that I was able to express and show the magic I had been cultivating, witnessing and exploring up until then. Photography gave me the gift of observing and presence. With that I was able to hear the language of our environment and that of our community. This medium jumpstarted my passion to tell stories of our world. From the once in a life time show of a sunrise, to the act of kindness caught in a still moment, to the story that inspires hope amidst chaos. I believe in the power of image and story as having the ability to not only inspire but also expand our awareness. Images allow us to dive in to all the layers of our world and gain a greater understanding into our environment and each other. They also are a place where worlds can be created and the future imagined.

My passion for education was ignited when I became a teaching artist for a young girls photography after school program in East LA. After meeting some of the girls and remembering what it was like to be in middle and high school, I was inspired to craft a course centered around the theme, Self Love. These young ladies were honest, creative, hopeful and extremely action oriented. I am honored to have witnessed our youth, our future actively conjuring practical ideas and plans towards building a world that is centered around equality, love, peace and magic. Magic… that word came up a lot in conversation from some girls in open discussions. I started to think about, what my magic was? 

 I approached a friend with a curiosity on different kinds of magic, and she handed me a purple book . After reading that book cover to cover,  I realized I not only resonated with the lifestyle of  a witch, but was already practicing witchcraft in my own way. To place intention in all that I do, to connect to nature, to gather in circle, study to keep growing and channel my own magic through tools.  I then knew that there were many other ways to channel my intuition, so I began to study and apply what inspired me to both my old tools ( my camera and writing ) to my new tools ( tarot and rituals ). I began to set intentions around moon cycles, which offered me connection to my own journey and cycles. Gathering with other powerful women who were committed to growing, connecting, being vulnerable and holding sacred space for each other. This gave me a sense of family in the form of sacred sisterhood. Just like that,  two worlds began to fuse together.

The presence gifted to me through photography helped me become a better dreamer and tarot reader. Becoming a tarot reader helped me become a better journalist and story teller. My passion in education turned into my deep love of facilitating circles and gatherings. 

The way of the Witch gifted me a deeper connection to the world around me and the world within myself.

My hope is that this platform provides you the space to explore, discover and find the magic surrounding you and most importantly, the magic within you.