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Molly Ann $ came to witchcraft through her love of nature, and to tarot through her love of storytelling.

Molly has taught the basics of spell magic to hundreds of fledgling witches and looks forward to connecting with you at this point on your journey.

Tarot Readings
Spell Magic
Digital Alters For Business

In person, on the phone or via Skype.

There are some messages you need to receive about this question that you have, and the tarot is going to reveal those messages to me. It’s that simple.

My cards are an extension of my intuition and they always tell the real story. We will get to the truth of the matter. Every time. We will get specific. I don’t recommend sitting with others if you have something to hide.

I’m a trained comedian. When I sit with you, we will laugh. And that is how you know the messages are true. As the great Del Close said, “The truth is funny.” So that’s just a bonus. A bonus that goes over well at parties. I love both bridal showers & divorce celebrations.

All readings confidential. All readings sacred.

In person, on the phone, or via Skype.
Long distance spells work will require a postage fee for all spell tools.

Spell Magic is working with the elements in order to hone intention into manifestation.

You are working hard towards a goal. And you want a big win. I work with you to create spell magic around this big win to help you focus your intention and ideally, manifest faster!

First, I meet with you to go over your intention and best case scenario big win.

Then, I create a specific spell just for you. This spell will have specific elements, tools and requirements needed to perform which I will provide for you.

Last, you will perform your spell as many times as the spell requires in order to launch your big win.

You’re website is a calling card for your business.

Your business deserves more than an out of the box experience.

I don’t just build websites for my clients, I create alters.
Digital alters.

My designs take your aesthetic, Feng Shui, SEO & social media into account.
All sites Wordpress only.


Tarot Readings
Spell Magic
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Digital Alters for Business
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  • Through my reading, it became obvious that I needed to connect with more females in my industry. Molly recommended a diversity fellowship. I applied and was chosen as one of their honorees! Thank you, Molly!

    Anne G.
    Television Writer

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