Tarot & Numerology Reader, Dream Tender, Women's Circle & Dream Circle Facilitator, Ritual Crafter, Teaching Artist, Public Speaker, Event Producer ( Witch Camp )

Raquel is a born dreamer and intuitive with a lifetime of experience and knowledge in both dreaming and intuitive guidance. Her gift of dreaming led her to explore and channel her intuition through multiple modalities such as Dream Tending, Tarot, Numerology, Women’s Circle and Dream Circle Facilitating as well as Ritual Crafting. She has been invited to offer readings for HBO, VIP events and several festivals throughout the west coast such as Lucidity and Lightning in a Bottle. Raquel is also the Co-Founder of Modern Witch Movement, which organizes and facilitates Women’s circles and a weekend long gathering called Witch Camp. Witch Camp brings together exceptional women to offer workshops that are empowering and educational on a wide range of magical subjects. Her dream is to create a platform for Witches to learn, be inspired, while gathering tools of self empowerment to inspire others to connect and create their own magic.


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“My passion is to offer a down to earth approach to helping you connect with your spirit. We will work together to look at new ways of redirecting your thoughts and intentions into more positive and empowering frequencies, while developing a relationship with your spirit through ritual, readings and dreams. I believe that achieving one’s greatest potential is often a matter of creating a ritual around checking in with ones spirit. We can learn and grow through blockages by bringing awareness to the images reflected to us through oracle and dream . Whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, through my readings and dream guidance, I help to empower you to identify and shift out of those blocks, so that you can create a future full of happiness, health, abundance, magic, and love.”

Though we dream each night, many of us wake up with hazy images, mostly not remembering anything at all. We brush it aside as unimportant or just what our brain does each night to work through the day. Meanwhile, our spirit is playing architect each night , so we can spend it running with wolves, traveling through time to other worlds, unveiling or healing emotional traumas. It’s easy to live the rest of your life without the practice of learning from your dreams. But…If you choose this journey, it’s assured that you’ll discover a wealth of wisdom and magic. You’ll gain the skills and experiences that will benefit your soul each and every day upon waking.
Dreams have the power to bring us insight into ourselves, our community and our world. By awakening to the healing power of our dreams, we ask ourselves; what is our dream communicating to us and the world in which we live and create?
I offer you a key to unlock your dreams, in the form of Dream Tending ( Readings ) and Dream Circles. You will be given tools that will serve you long after you leave the room. You will have access to use these each and every night. This will not only enhance your dreaming, lucidity but also assist in your recall upon waking. With each dream you will be closer to the healing and empowering messages that are built for you each night.


Before words there were numbers. Numbers represent universal principles through which all things evolve and continue to grow in cyclical fashion. The digits 1-9 symbolize the stages through which an idea or manifestation must pass before it becomes reality. Seeing the world around us and ourselves as cyclical, we can better understand what stage we are on and the stage that is coming ahead in our journey of growth. What numbers are calling you?


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What they say
  • Raquel’s soul and intentional words/readings confirms how far into my spirituality and magic I actually am. I had doubts about what I’ve been experiencing because no one in my life could relate. But Rocky came along and confirmed that I’m awakening. She did this through her card reading and through her comforting words. She makes you feel warm, comfortable, and on top of the world with the gift we create in ourselves. I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with such a beautiful soul.

    Kelly F.
    Los Angeles, CA 2018
  • If you’re looking for guidance and clarity, I would highly recommend visiting Raquel. Every reading I’ve done with with her has provided me with direction and purpose. Opening up my eyes to truths that have been right in front of me but that often times I’ve refused to face. Her suggestions on how to navigate these truths have been key in helping me unlock my potential. I’m forever grateful. Thank you, Raquel.

    Juan C.
    Los Angeles, CA 2018
  • Raquel is by far the best reader that I’ve encountered. I asked her to do both tarot and numerology readings for me because I was feeling pretty lost in life. I knew from the moment I sat down with Raquel that she was going to be different from all the other readers that I’ve had. Her intuitive tarot reading was very insightful and helped me feel a deeper sense of purpose to my life. The numerology reading gave me the guidance and inspiration that helped me move forward towards a positive, grounded, focussed path. I resonated with everything she told me and by the end of the readings I felt like she had known me for years. It’s great to know that there is someone I can call on for excellent advice. If you’re looking for someone to help you get more clarity and support about your life Raquel is the one!!!

    Alan J.
    Los Angeles, CA 2018
  • Raquel’s reading was right on point, not only with reading the cards but also gave great advice that was both spiritual and practical , really understanding my questions and integrating that into the reading, giving me an insight and point of view that opened my eyes to see my situation in a different light ,, giving me a sense of peace,, If you want accuracy and searching for some answers I would highly recommend her for a reading one on one.

    Raquel C.
    Los Angeles, CA 2018
  • Raquel gave me and my horse, Rose’, an amazing reading. She is very insightful and extremely knowledgeable in numerology and interpreting cards. She really connected with Rose. I’m continually using what I learned about myself in my daily life. I’m looking forward to having follow up readings. The use of both numerology and cards provides a much more in-depth look into oneself. I’ve been extremely interested in numerology for several years. I didn’t realize until after my reading how much information can be drawn from it. It’s obvious she has spent a ton of hours educating herself.

    Rhonda S.
    Los Angeles, CA 2018
  • Raquel is wise beyond her years .She was able to tap in and uncover feeling I was suppressing and give me the words I needed to process the emotion. With out giving her any insight into my desires and dreams she was able to see them and validate that I was on the right path. I loved my reading and look forward to seeing her again as I move through the obstacles in my business.

    Jennifer B.
    Studio City, CA 2018
  • I can highly recommend Raquel for tarot readings. She is highly intuitive and connected. Her reading for me was dead on and so helpful. I’ve had a few readings now, and just keep coming back for more.

    Kerry A.
    Los Angeles, CA 2018
  • Raquel is a phenomenal human being with rare gifts. When you spend time with her, you feel good. After you spend time with her, you feel really good. Myself and two people very dear to my heart received readings from Raquel. She blew us away and had us all deeply moved to tears.
    She channels deep wisdom and truths, in a loving and humble way.
    This life is no easy adventure – Raquel makes you feel like things are going to be okay, and infuses grounded hope and wisdom into her readings. A utopian vision for the world would be one where every human receives a reading to help them exist and thrive in life – the ultimate person to give these readings would be Raquel Natalicchio.

    Devin L.
    San Fransisco, CA 2018

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