Growth Mindset Advocate, Trauma Healer, Tarot reader, Reiki Practitioner, Personal Guidance Coach

I believe it is my dharma to support the growth of others working to overcome trauma and learned limitations. 

Throughout my life, strangers have told me they feel compelled to share heavy pieces of their lives with me in ways they can’t explain. Each time, I’ve been humbled to discover that I can actually help!

In service of my dharmic goal, I offer individual growth guidance, the healing magic of reiki, and tarot sessions aimed at helping you find perspective. 

I have joyfully dedicated myself to the long-term vision of cultivating a practice that includes clinical entheogenic healing, pet-assisted therapy, accessing akashic records, and lots of openness to new ideas and opportunities.


As human beings, we have so many opportunities through our lives to learn that we are limited in what we can accomplish, what we can feel, and who we can become. Some of these lessons come from deeply personal traumas, but others are so ingrained into our consensus reality we don’t even notice the opinions and feelings they leave us with were never innately “ours” to begin with.

My practice is to trace discomforts, anxieties, struggles, and sometimes celebrations to their origin stories in service of connecting you to your truest self.

Personally, this practice has brought me a lot of grace, joy, and love and banished anxiety and disordered thinking. It’s different for everyone, and I look forward to learning what we can accomplish together for you! I am happy to conduct these personalized sessions by phone, video conference, or in person.

Reiki is a relaxation technique that promotes the body, mind, and soul’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki translates as lifeforce energy. It’s what keeps our lungs breathing and our hearts pumping without our command, connects us to ancestral wisdom through teaching lineages, and can remind us that we are all one.

The experience of giving and receiving Reiki is varied—some see lights and patterns, some feel warmth or tingling sensations, some receive downloads of wisdom from their guides, and others don’t feel anything but the healing benefits of pure relaxation. Let’s find out what it’s like for you! 

I am currently a certified Level II practitioner undergoing deep personal study before choosing to take my advanced course. I offer treatments either in person or remotely.

Guided by the collective intuition of the querent and reader, tarot cards offer fresh perspectives on both familiar and new situations. As the deliverer of the cards’ wisdom, I offer compassion, openness, and pathways to make their messages actionable for the individual sitting in front of me in my sessions.

I love reading tarot because it offers a refreshing opportunity to dive deep into the human experience with people like you! Having a tarot reader at your personal or professional event is a great way to give your guests a moment of undivided attention. I love to share this gift and am also happy to read for individuals in person or via video conference.

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