A weekend full of sisterhood & magic!

Camping together to co-create and conjure with the energies of the moon through magical workshops, rituals and nature walks.

TBD 2020

Conjure us at the contact form below for more information.

Previous Witch Camps

Previous camps have included:

🌸 Dinner catered by Lindsay B. of Fork & Thyme
🌸 Dream Circle with Raquel N.
🌸 Reality Creation & Ecstatic Dance with Kerry B.
🌸 Spell Magic with Molly Ann $
🌸 Potions for your Emotions with Jennifer B.
🌸 Feng Shui for the Modern Witch with Delia I.
🌸 Build your own dream catcher
🌸 Paint your own fan for ritual
🌸 Embodying your Dream
🌸 Soulgasmic Tantra Puja with Leah R.
🌸 Goddess Activating Reiki with Jenny B

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