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We’ve launched a line of “#NatureForPresident” gear in pinks, sepia, grey, and classic rainbow. (pictured) Check out our Threadless store for gear that sends the best-case scenario, political message.

Vanita K. Gupta works her way through the chakras as she makes a recipe on air to help activate the chakra of the week. A food specialist, Vanita explains how to eat for the chakras, and will give you special recipes to activate and balance your own chakras. All recipes given in replay.

Jenny is certified as a massage therapist and hypnotherapist. She found her life’s calling in the use of essential oils and is also a certified Doterra wellness coach. Jenny uses essential oils in all of her healing sessions and can speak from her own experience on how essential oils continue to change her life, keep her family healthy, and raise her vibration.

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The Modern Witch Movement was founded to provide community resources, events, and thought leadership around witchcraft in order to help fledgling Witches find their path, give seasoned Witches expansive ideas, and connect the covens.


Intention is the founding principal for all other Witchcraft. The most simple spell magic begins with an intention. A meditation practice helps to strengthen the power of the mind which allows for more successful energy, mind, body and shadow work. 

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From theory to practicality; Use the tools that speak to you. Find new tools through study and intuition. They can be anything: tarot,  clearing herbs, vision boards for manifesting, oils for emotional health.

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We encourage and facilitate events that help Witches connect to nature. Understanding the cycles of nature helps us to understand the cycles within our own lives. 

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We help you educate yourself and have curated a series of resources, books, and websites to help you delve deeper into your own powers and explore what tools work best for your personal Witch crafting.

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You’re not alone. Your fellow Witches are some of your best resources. We produce a variety of events every year that give the opportunity for Witches of all kinds to meet, mingle, share their vulnerability and magic!

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Books. Websites. Resources.

There’s a million ways to Witch. We’ve curated some of our favorite resources to help fledgling Witches get started right away and to help seasoned Witches take a deeper dive. Enjoy!

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