Growing up in the Northern woods of Minnesota, I’ve always felt a connection to nature. I believe many of our global issues could be solved with a understanding and connection to nature. My intention is for this platform is to connect a new generation of Witches to one of our greatest tools –> Mother Earth. 

My background in comedy is integral to the way I Witchcraft. This tool helps me to connect to my spirit. Plus I believe it should be fun to be a Witch! Say it out loud and see how it feels. Writing out your dreams + Finding the levity in life = True spell magic!

I hope you find tools that excite you, nature that inspires you, and a coven that supports you.



Raquel Natalicchio is a  Women’s Circle and Dream Circle Facilitator, Ritualist, Oracle, Teaching Artist and Photographer. Her greatest teacher has always been Dreaming. Studying Psychology and Visual Storytelling in University, her passion is to offer a down to earth approach in developing a deeper connection to spirit through creative mediums and immersive experiences. From a very young age, her deep connection to dreaming resulted in a lifetime of learning and exploration. 

“ As a storyteller I believe in the power of  image and story as having the ability to not only inspire but also expand our awareness. The images and stories offered to us in dreamtime allow us to dive into all the layers of our world and gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our environment and each other. In Dream worlds can be created and the future imagined.“ 

With humanity standing at a crossroads, Raquel is passionate about offering tools that will empower and offer a deeper connection to the infinitely creative realms of magic and dreams . With these tools we can begin to envision and collectively co-create the world of our dreams. Her dream is to continue to build and educate on platforms that provide space to explore, discover and live in harmony with the magic of the natural world, and the magic within.