Planets and degrees set the stage at every moment in history for all of mankind to play upon.

As above, so below. The basic principle of Astrology. What’s happening to the stars is happening to us. However the stars are pushing and pulling on each other, so are we pushing and pulling on the people in our lives.

Astrology is about patterns of behavior. The stars rotate through the same cycles over and over again. Astrology connects us to specific moments in these cycles such as birthdays, launches, and… today. It provides a set of symbols and metaphors that we can apply to our own lives to better understand ourselves, our friends and even our destiny. These metaphors are helpful, because although it feels like our lives happen on a linear timeline, we are one of nature’s cycles, too.



Get your natal chart.

The complete map of what the solar system looked like at the time you were born is called your natal chart. You can find your natal chart online for free at multiple websites we’ve linked to at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is not about what box you fit into. Here’s the thing, we’re not just our sun sign. Every planet made an imprint on us the moment we were born. You also have a Moon sign, Venus sign, Neptune sign, etc. And the relationship of the planets to each other changes continuously just as our relationship to ourselves and the people in our lives changes continuously. 

Your astrology is a tapestry of planetary metaphors that all work together in tandem. And the map of the sky reconfigures about every four minutes as the planets continue to move through their cycles. So it’s very possible that twins born together, would still have different natal charts. This is also why no two Leo’s or Taurus’s are the same. 

There are a thousand good books on astrology and a million websites. So we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. But the most basic ideas are below so you can get your feet wet and pursue further information on your own. We’ve listed some great resources here. 

Also, we’re just talking about Western Astrology. There are other cultures with different astrology because they have different metaphors. But the same basic principle applies. As above, so below. (Feng Shui is based on Chinese Astrology.)


Mars. The ram. The self. Head and face. Fire. Masculine. Cardinal. Personal.


Venus. The bull.  The physical environment. Neck, throat & ears. Earth. Femine. Fixed. Personal.


Mercury. The twins. Brothers & sisters, ability to communicate. Arms, lungs, shoulders & nervous system. Air. Masculine. Mutable. Personal.


Moon. The crab. Our roots, family & mother. Chest and stomach. Water. Feminine. Cardinal. Personal.


Sun. The lion. Romance, creativity & life force. Heart. Fire. Masculine. Fixed. Personal.


Mercury. The Maiden. Health & service. Solar plexus & bowels. Earth. Feminine. Mutable. Transpersonal.


Venus. The scales. Partnership. Kidneys, veins & lower back. Air. Masculine. Cardinal. Transpersonal.


Pluto. The scorpion. Sex, death & mysteries. Bladder & crotch. Water. Feminine. Fixed. Transpersonal.


Jupiter. The centaur. Study, religion & travel. Liver & thighs. Fire. Masculine. Mutable. Transpersonal.


Saturn. The goat. Leadership, vocation & reputation. Knees. Earth. Feminine. Cardinal. Transpersonal.


Uranus. The water bearer. Community. Calves & ankles. Air. Masculine. Fixed. Transpersonal.


Neptune. The fish. Subconscious, paranormal & addiction. Feet. Water. Feminine. Transpersonal.

How do I use this stuff? 

You can apply the metaphors of Astrology to enhance your magic.

Performing spell magic to call in abundance? Perform the spell on Thursday which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Or during the month of May which is ruled by Taurus, the sign of money. Or on a new moon which is a metaphor for the beginning of a new phase… the phase of your new abundance! 

You can apply the metaphors of Astrology to your personality.

For instance, moon in Leo? The moon reflects your inner wishes and your deepest emotional life. And Leo reflects individuality, romance and creativity. Perhaps you are a person who is a leader among your peers. Or you are very warm-hearted. Or you long for a romantic partner that makes big gestures. Or you secretly wish to be famous. Because your moon rules your emotional life, it can also be a factor in deciding the sign of the person you partner with. Leo moons will often find themselves attracted to fire sun signs; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Maybe Saturn was in the third house when you were born. The third house is about mental activity and your siblings. Saturn is about rules, restrictions and self-discipline. Perhaps you worry more than most or are overly cautious. Perhaps you’ve lost one or more of your siblings at an early age. Or maybe you find delays in your education and have to keep repeating grades, classes or workshops in order to finish.

You can apply the metaphors of astrology to people in your life.

Notice that you tend to date a lot of Aquarians? Maybe you have an Aquarian moon. Do you and your partner have a hard time compromising? Perhaps you are both fixed signs. Why is your boss so moody? Perhaps he’s a double Cancer sun and moon. This information doesn’t change your life per se, but it can help you to make better choices about the energies you surround yourself with.

You can apply the metaphors of astrology to your everyday life.

Is Mercury retrograde? Communication might be slower. Better to rework a project you’re already in process with rather than start a new project. Or wait to send that apology email after Mercury goes direct. Or look over that contract again instead of rushing to sign.

Besides personal astrology, there’s also generational astrology, partnership astrology, group astrology and geographic astrology. Anything that’s born can have astrology; a frog, an idea, a revolution.

But listen witch, you need to live your life! So use Astrology in the ways that make the most sense for you. Don’t skip taking a job because Mercury is in retrograde and you’re afraid to sign a contract. Or not marry someone because they are the “wrong sign.” You know what’s best for you and Astrology is just another tool.

The Planets

Father, spirit, the animating force of life, individuality, vitality, creativity

Color: golden shades, oranges and deep yellows / Day of the week: Sunday / Sign: Leo

Mother, the soul, personality, receptiveness, fertility, wishes

Color: Silver, white, pale greens and blues, opalescence / Days of the week: Monday / Sign: Cancer

Beauty in form, refinement, art, aesthetic, attraction to opposite sex, love, sharing

Color: Light blues, soft yellows, pastels / Days of the week: Friday / Sign: Taurus and Libra

Ego, action, force, fight, desire to succeed, the dynamic force of creation and destruction, war

Color: scarlet, magenta, browns, greens / Days of the week: Tuesday / Sign: Aries

Active intelligence, mind, logic, reason, educational and learning abilities, spoken and written communication

Color: metallic shades of blue and violet / Days of the week: Wednesday / Sign: Gemini and Virgo

Universal laws, governance, expansion on all levels, justice, honor, truth, philosophy, religion, ritual, theology

Colors: deep purple, violet, deep blue, indigo / Day of the week: Thursday / Sign: Sagittarius

Time, wisdom gained through time, karma, ambition, long-term goals, empires, self-discipline, rules

Colors: Gray, black, dark browns, greens / Days of the week: Saturday / Sign: Capricorn

Dreamers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, deceivers, psychic powers, mystics, spiritualists, prophets, universal love

Colors: lavender, mauve, sea-green, aquamarine, smoky gray / Days of the week: none / Sign: Pisces

Sixth sense, intuitiveness, destroyer of old concepts and structures, bohemian, beatnik, anarchy, revolutionary, nonconformist, higher consciousness

Colors: light blues, silvery white, glaring hues, neons, stripes of many colors / Days of the week: None / Sign: Aquarius

Elimination, annihilation, redemption, death and it’s regenerative forces, renewal of the life-force, the end, the beginning, the underworld

Colors: Any colors beyond the capabilities of human sight / Days of the week: None / Sign: Scorpio

Let's get started.

Western Astrologers divide the sky into a pie chart of twelve equal pieces. These pieces are called houses. 

Each house correlates to a different sign and constellation. (Sometimes planets are in houses that they have “good vibes” with and sometimes they are not.)

Each sign is represented by a different symbol.

Each sign has a different planetary ruler.

Each sign represents a different stage of realization in human development.

Each sign represents a different part of the body.

Each sign is associated with one of four elements; earth, water, fire or air.

Each sign is considered feminine or masculine. 

Each sign is associated with one of three modalities; fixed, mutable or cardinal.

Each sign is considered personal or transpersonal.

Each sign is composed of three sections (or decans) which consist of beginning degrees, middle degrees, or final degrees and these subsections can take on their own tapestry of properties.

The degrees that bridge one sign to another are called the “Cusp.”

The Houses

The First House – Personality

The Second House – Financial affairs, self – worth

The Third House – Short journeys, writing, mental activities

The Fourth House – Home, domestic affairs

The Fifth House – Children, love affairs

The Sixth House – Sickness, service, hygiene, employees

The Seventh House – Unions, partnerships, dealings contracts or the courts

The Eight House – Legacies, money from others, death

The Ninth House – Long journeys, foreign countries, dreams, education

The Tenth House – Occupation, reputation, government

The Eleventh House – Friends, hopes, community

The Twelfth House – Limitations, seclusion, occult