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nik castle witch of the wyrd
Wyrd is essentially the old Anglo-Saxon version of fate or destiny. It’s the interconnected web of all beings, and its threads represent how we influence one another at a cosmic level. Basically, Wyrd witchcraft is about developing a deeper understanding of this web and one’s place and role within it.
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Modern witch movement blog tarot for year
One of my favorite, most centering witchy rituals is reading tarot cards for myself. Whether it’s through tarot, astrology, philosophy, or psychology, I’m always up for a moment of introspection. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe the world would be a better place if everyone committed to at least one practice of self-reflection—and to doing their...
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DOING VERSUS DEPRESSION Last November, an intense and expansive spiritual download awakened me to the observation that I’d been allowing depression to make my life smaller and smaller for months without even realizing it was there. Shit.
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