🔥One of the oldest forms of magic, candle magic honors the power of fire—the element of creation and transformation. It is both powerful and fun to dress your candles by carving runes, lathering it in oils or even sprinkling herbs etc… The key element of candle magic is not only the activation of your candle, but what happens after you light your candle. The dancing of flames has throughout art and history been a muse to poets and witches alike. Calling on any guides or simply love to guide you, spark your candle. See into the flame as you meditate on your intentions. The movement of the flame will invite you into a trance. This is where shapes or images may come through. Allow them to dance in front of you. Write or draw what comes through for you. 🧙🏼‍♀️🔥


fri10may(may 10)12:00 pmsun12(may 12)3:00 pmModern Witch Camp Spring of Diana 2024

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