Allies. Community.

Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free. 

― Starhawk

Magic happens

when women gather in circle, to share what’s really going on inside their hearts. When a woman is given the permission and invitation to open up, dig deep, and courageously share her truth with a group of women–many who she may not know at all–she taps into a wellspring of wisdom inside of herself. Surrounded by the loving attention and trusting presence of your sisters, you are given the key to unlock your own wisdom.

Women come to circle for so many reasons: to heal, to grow, to learn who they are, to feel a part of something bigger, to find true friendships, to release self-judgement. Together we create these sacred containers. We gather together to share our dreams and bring our intentions into focus. When two or more are gathered…the intentions are radically magnified and enhanced. That is the power of amplification. By speaking your intention out loud and activating it with a group of women, you are not only manifesting that with greater power, you may be surprised who in that very circle might have the key or connection to making that very intention or dream come to fruition.

You learn to see, with compassionate eyes, your own “stuff” and take responsibility for it. Whatever it is you’re working on, no matter how dark or scary, you are invited to bring it into the circle. We have compassion for ourselves and for one another. We honor the process of each sister present, and we trust in her wisdom and ability to navigate her own life.

You become the speaker and the listener, the wise woman and the little girl, the leader and the follower, the healer and the healed. With an increased capacity to feel all that you are, you begin to trust in your capacity to face any situation life presents, knowing you have the support of your sisters.

We believe that women gathering in circles will reconnect her to the rhythms of nature, both around us and within us. Gathering in circle will lead to each woman’s remembrance of her beauty, her wisdom, her POWER, and her worth, and that this is how our world heals.

“A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered.”
– Jeanette LeBlanc
  1. Seek out a local circle being offered in your area. For you angeleno witches, check out our event page HERE and be part of our growing sisterhood of women from around the world!

  2. Host Your own circle with friends – There are many reasons to host a circle gathering – from connecting to the seasons, moon cycles, celebrating our victories to being supported as we go through our challenges, a women’s circle helps each participant to feel acknowledged and empowered to live their lives with authenticity and sovereignty.