Door Feng Shui with Delia Ivette
Being considered the mouth of the home, the main entrance is the portal of energy for your home. Luck flies through your door and into your personal space benefiting those residing in it. Therefore taking the time to analyze and make the necessary changes, will work wonders on correcting existing problems in your daily life.  
Preferably main doors should open inward into a larger space, reserve outward opening doors for closet spaces, pantries, and storage rooms, if your main door opens outward, I advise you to switch the positions of the hinges so that it opens inward. It should be able to open all the way and be clear of clutter as this prevents chi from getting congested, it should not face another door or window as the opportunities will race through and out, a screen or a curtain is a great cure to prevent this from happening.
Doors should be solid and made of long-lasting material, doors with glass or clear material do not offer much protection to the residence, suggesting fragility and allowing a constant flow of restless energy into the home. Make sure it has an inviting feel to it, a properly functioning doorbell, and that it is well lit, this will attract auspicious chi. Ask yourself, is it easy to open, does my lock work properly, do I find myself struggling when I leave and come home, is the hardware old and squeaky, does it need polishing? Paying attention to these details can work wonders in your life.

In feng shui review the house as a body, Windows as the eyes and your front door is considered to be the mouth of the home, therefore the ratio of doors to windows is highly important. Doors represent the parental/elderly mouth whereas windows represent the mouths of the younger energy of the home. Too many windows mean too many yabbering mouths resulting in family/roommate quarrels. If this is the case in your home, the cure should be to decorate with accents of Orange, artwork, flowers, candles, a rug will work, that’s because the frequency of this specific shade brings harmony, make sure you light the candles often. A rather proportionate size is the most auspicious, a door that is too large for its home will suggest that all good fortune will be lost, that door that is too small or narrow will not allow a fortune to enter. 

Hanging images of birds of all kinds near the front door invites opportunities through the element of wind since these creatures have the ability to Foster and carry such energy. Feathers work just as well, so get creative. Raise yang energy with plants, Place one on each side of your door along with a pair of elephants with raised trunks for protection. Any pair of creatures will work, as long as it is placed correctly. An altar facing your main door on the inside of your home is always recommended, this will ensure that all energy entering your home whether it’s positive or negative, will be blessed.
Door Feng Shui Modern Witch Movement
The path leading to your front door should be a clear one, no obstacles, or clutter standing in the way. Think of energy the same you would a guest, if anyone visiting is having a hard time finding your front door, that can only mean good energy of prosperity and opportunities will also have a hard time finding and entering your home. A curved pathway is more auspicious than a straight or a winding one, this is the way energy travels and the key is to invite it into your space. 

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