Color: blue

Location: throat

Element: Ether, sound

Crystals: Lapis, sodalite, celestine, blue kyanite

Food and Drink: blueberries, blackberries, plums, teas with the red clover, lemon balm, slippery elm, or marshmallow root

Essential Oils: birch, lavender, oregano

Affirmation: I am speaking clearly and truthfully with grace and ease 💙🧘‍♀️☯️ 

Friday / Freyaday
Today's Focus is productive dialogue versus monologue, both internally and with others. Dialogue invites New Perspective and requires flexibility, while monologue sticks to the script and is immune to change. Our thoughts can remain open and curious or resist new perspectives. In conversation, we can allow ourselves to be surprised, to truly listen and be present, or we can wait for our turn to resume our monologue. Notice how dialogue Builds on the previous chakras: for example, we are more apt to welcome change and surprises when we feel safe (root), and we are less likely to make negative assumptions when we feel connected (heart). Both feelings Foster healthy dialogue over fearful, rigid monologue. Today practice being present and curious in conversation, weather they're happening internally or with others. When your mind is certain, say, "I wonder what other possibilities exist, I am open to receiving them. Be fully present in conversation. Don't Focus too much on what you're going to say next; simply Savor the details, said and unsaid. Namaste beautiful souls 💫

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