Earth. Mother.

We need the discipline of magic, of consciousness-change, in order to hear and understand what the earth is saying to us. And listening to the earth, doing the rituals the land asks us for, giving back what we are asked for, will also bring us healing, expanded awareness and intensified life.

- Starhawk
Figuratively & Technically

Nature is Boss

Figuratively, Nature is boss because she provides all the things. She’s her own woman. She makes all her own air and water. And she’s nice enough to let us use them any time we want. Which is… so boss.

But technically, Nature is boss because she could sneeze us off the planet with one leaky volcano. Humans think we are in control, but we’re not. Nature will be around a lot longer than we will and no human is telling a hurricane what it’s agenda should be.

It’s hard to pin down the best thing about Nature. The flowers? Those are great. Baby mammals? Absolutely. All those trees that capture light and turn it into midcentury modern cabinets? You couldn’t pay us to decide!

Caring about nature isn’t for nature’s sake. (Although, the elephants and the rhinos could use a good lawyer.) Caring for and understanding nature’s patterns helps us to help ourselves! Science has come to prove a lot of awesome things about nature. Scientists have proven that just being in nature can boost your mood and improve your mental health. In addition, Stanford University proved that spending A LOT of time in nature can reduce stress and lead to a lower risk of depression.

Nature has a tool for just about everything. Her plants heal and nourish our bodies, her mushrooms can can eat through plastic and regenerate our most toxic soils and her trees clean our air and water systems. 

We could solve a lot of major issues if our species was better connected to nature. And we think it’s maybe the most important principle. Mostly because without her we would die. And also because to understand nature is to better understand ourselves.


Going into nature doesn’t always have to mean driving far away into some mysterious wood. Start local. Google a prairie, stream or park near you and go explore! Click HERE to access a list of awesome nature.


Take your friends into nature! They deserve the health benefits and your bond will deepen in soulful and unexpected ways.


Leave no trace. Don’t just pack your own garbage out, leave the place better than you found it. If you hike a trail often, bring a small trash bag to carry litter out.


Support your state and national parks. What would the world be without Yellowstone or Joshua Tree? Much less biodiverse!


Ride your bike or walk as transportation at least once a week. You’ll enjoy strength benefits, fresh air and an intimacy with your city.


Avoid harsh chemicals. Period. It’s the futue. There are natural alternatives for all products. Save our wild lands!


Instead of giving material gifts, consider giving the gift of a beautiful nature experience. A swim in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota or a bike ride through the Everglades of Florida are unforgettable memories.


Worship the moon and perform group ritual around her cycles. This will give you a deeper connection to ancient celestial patterns and the patterns of yourself and your community.


Bring your crystals with you on hikes to Ground + Cleanse + Recharge. These totems become portals back to that natural place when you are at home, work or traveling.