🌑 Happy Moonday Magical Beings! Tomorrow is the New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries ! 🌑

🌱This Aries New Moon is all about Re- Birth. 🌱

The planting of the seeds that we wish to see grow into our future.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and New Moons signal the start of a new lunar cycle, so there is strong energy for new beginnings and fresh starts.
We are, as a planet, at a fork in the road.
Our hibernation time has been extended to ensure our next steps are in alignment with the kind of world we want to create, participate and grow in moving forward.
Many of us have had to change our ways these last few weeks and perhaps adopt a new routine or schedule. As we move through this transition, it is important that we find ways to make our new routine productive and healthy.
We will be drawn to think about ways to heal, ourselves, each other, and the planet.
We may find ourselves having to care for a loved one and/or having to nurture and look after our own mind, body, and soul.
We may find that this hibernation is offering us potent and lucid dreams, reflections and/or inspirations.
That’s where an offering comes in hopes of being of service to you, magical one.
 Connecting to ones spirit is essential to being in healthy harmony with body and mind.
Returning spirits calls has never been more vital to our personal, collective and global healing.
I invite you to answer her call, the call of Mother Earth, the call of her spirit, which is also your spirit.

If during this hibernation time you have had a Dream that you would like to explore more in depth and unlock the messages sent to you, then I invite you to AWAKEN Your DREAM.

If during this time, within the stillness and silence of the inner and outer worlds, you have begun to tend to any wounds or have been inspired to connect more deeply with your spirit self, soul self, wild self, then I invite you to gaze into the MIRROR OF THE SOUL. ✨

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