New Moon • New Energy

✨ Don’t forget to cleanse and charge yourself ! 🙌🏻

Selenite ( Top ) is a form of gypsum crystal that I refer to as liquid light. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, which is the goddess of the moon. Known for its cleansing and high frequency properties. ✨

Clear Quartz ( Sides) In Japan, the meaning referred to a “perfect jewel” because they believed it symbolized space, purity and patience. Its metaphysical purposes are vast, from helping to expand consciousness to facilitating open communication and stimulating the chakras. For those needing clarity of mind, clear quartz healing properties will eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. ✨

Herkimer Diamonds ( center ) are ascension stones, and they will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible. Some even have water inclusions within them, which aid the healing of emotional problems.

Happy Cleansing! 💪🏼🔮🌙

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