Introducing… The Lady Phoenix

Phoenix Lamour is a high priestess with a goal to be a catalyst for growth in the lives of everyone she comes into contact with, reawakening the eternal fire within. Her mission is to help us break past the illusions in our lives, so that we may reconnect with the spirits of Truth, Freedom, and Sovereignty. A gifted intuitive and healer, she shares her gifts to provide guidance for this life and your soul journey’s ascension. Phoenix works closely with the element of fire to purify and transmute anything keeping you from vibrating at your highest, whether the source of conflict be internal or external.

Since the tender age of three, Phoenix has been a psychic-medium, able to see, talk to, and interact with other spirits. For a long time, she had no idea how to express her experiences, often discounting them and denying them for years. Phoenix ignored her gifts for as long as she could, and instead focused on academics. It wasn’t until she went to college and began sharing dreams with dormmates that she experienced her first true spiritual awakening. Since then, Phoenix has undergone years of spiritual initiation and practice, honing her skills to better serve the collective during this historic shift in consciousness. She now serves as an oracle for Lucidity Festival and is a standing favorite among her local metaphysical events.

A published researcher in both Biological and Psychological work, Phoenix is a friend who will walk with you in your darkest places. She specializes in Shadow Work, bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious mind-states to allow proper integration of your total self. Using divine astrology, Phoenix enjoys tracking the evolution of the soul through lifetimes. She addresses questions such as why you came here, what you are evolving through in this life, and where you have been stagnant in your growth during past lifetimes. She is a certified tarot reader and instructor, although she is claircognizant and channels messages from Source directly. She is also initiated into the Dark Flame of Veil Illumination, a sacred healing technique that allows the user to see into the mysteries of Life and Death. She uses vulture medicine and owl spirit medicine to see through the darkness and help bring you back to your light. She is the keeper of the Phoenix White Flame, a high frequency energy that channels Sirian light codes and acts as a powerful energy-clearing tool. Her purpose is to help us “remember and reconnect to the powerful magic that we already are”.

Healer. Mystic. Creator.

These are three words that can be used to summarize Phoenix’s way of sharing her gifts with the world. As a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, Phoenix is a dedicated bodyworker who specializes in injury recovery and veteran care. Her previous work in the Northwest Florida area earned her a feature in August 2021’s issue of Bella Magazine, highlighting her skills as a Reiki practitioner. Her philosophy of “Complete Embodied Wellness” targets not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual alignment to allow your most authentic, fulfilled, and sovereign self to shine through.

Phoenix’s lesser-known, but equally important role as a Hermetic High Priestess allows her to connect with many individuals throughout her community. She is often sought out for readings, spiritual guidance, and wisdom of the metaphysical and esoteric varieties. Her experience with traversing between different realms and parallel realities as a traveler and lucid dreamer makes Phoenix a valuable resource to connect with. As a dream ranger, Phoenix travels the other planes of reality to help those in need or who are in crisis. She is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.

Phoenix’s Magic Shop

As an artist, Phoenix creates powerful energetic tools to assist you on your journey. Her creations revolve around the sun and moon cycles, using them as focal points to charge her pieces with different astrological energies. She creates herbal-infused magic salts, geometrical grids, and custom wands; however, her work as an orgonite engineer is what has everybody paying attention. Her orgonite pieces include custom pyramids, charging plates, talismans, and jewelry to keep you functioning at your highest vibration. Phoenix loves to make magical tools for magical people!

What is Orgonite?

Continuing the research of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgonite combines organic and inorganic materials to create an energetic field that cleanses and charges energy while reducing EMF radiation. Orgonite uses the piezoelectric qualities of quartz crystal, which generates an electrical charge when placed under pressure. It also utilizes conductive metals to push the current throughout the resin piece. Her pieces are all made with 24k gold, copper, brass, iron, and aluminum in various shapes and sizes for maximum effect. Different types of healing crystals are added to enhance the energy according to specific intentions for that piece. She also adds powdered quartz, selenite, and shungite to aid in the cleansing properties of the piece. Some orgonite pieces are great for office spaces due to their creativity-enhancing and uplifting energy, while some others are more suited for the bedroom to help with rest and recovery.

Phoenix creates each of these beautiful pieces by custom order. Orgonite pyramids generate a large field around them, often shifting the energy of an entire room while charging plates are great for cleansing your jewelry or personal items. You can even place a glass of water on your charging plate to then drink in the orgone energy! Personal talismans are great to keep in your pocket or handbag, and jewelry pieces can be worn close to the body to receive maximum benefit. All pieces are made with love in alignment with the astrological cycles and are charged with Reiki healing energy. Personal items can also be featured in the design by request. Commission Phoenix to create your next orgonite piece by visiting her website at

Connect with Phoenix

To connect with Phoenix, you can find her online either through her website or her Instagram account (@phoenix_lamour). She is currently taking online students for both astrology and tarot classes, as well as offering distance reiki healing sessions. If you are interested in commissioning an orgonite piece, her website offers many examples of her beautiful work. Phoenix loves to make genuine connections through her work, and is always open to friendly conversation. Some of her other interests include sacred geometry, quantum physics, world religions, philosophy, and ancient history. Shoot Phoenix a message and she will be more than happy to chat or answer any questions you may have about her services. For those interested in astrology, she also has a YouTube video outlining the major planetary movements from 2019-2026 titled “Welcome to the Age of Aquarius” by Phoenix Lamour.