Feng Shui Practitioner, Crystal Grid Specialist, Bellydancer, Magic Teacher

Delia Ivette is a self-taught Witch, Bellydancer & Feng Shui Master. Born with a natural gift for esotericism, she learned to master her powers at a very young age which led her to explore the depths of divination, kitchen, spell, Elemental, Moon, planetary, sex & Oracle Magic. Picking up The Runes, The I Ching, Alchemy and the art of Geomancy along her path.

Discovering the art of dance movement, Delia Ivette traveled and performed with several dancing troupes for years until she discovered the joy of teaching.

Delia Ivette also collaborates with the Witches in her community, creating sacred gatherings and platforms to encourage others to explore their own magic. Her collaboration with the Modern Witch Movement includes Witch Camp (a yearly gathering of powerful souls) where she shares her gifts of Ritual Bellydance and The art of Placement, and here where she blogs on the magic of Feng Shui.

She also works with Chef Lindsay Bamberger of Fork & Thyme Catering giving in order to expand her culinary knowledge & enchant through nourishment.


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Feng Shui Readings & Advice
Ritual and Magic Lessons
Bellydance Performance

The things in your home, the color of your walls, the kind of plants you have… these are all elements of Feng Shui that help us to feel one way or another. By assessing your home’s unique Feng Shui chart together, we can make changes in your home life that will ripple throughout your emotional and professional lives.

Feng Shui can make a small place feel bigger, a dark place feel lighter and an old place feel new.

I come to your residence or business and we walk through any rooms or problem areas. Then I give you a series of changes that will better align your spaces with your Feng Shui chart.

I also work with clients in the beginning stages of building or renting to help secure locations that allow for the best money making potential.

Connect to find out what Feng Shui can do for you.

I’ve been a practicing Witch since I was seven years old. 

I will work with you to find a set of tools that resonate with your own practice.

I will give you the tools to continue your own education so that your practice is something that never stagnates.

A professional Bellydancer at your next party, event or corporate retreat is an unforgettable experience.

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