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Align your beliefs to create your results.


6 months 1 on 1 Coaching
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2 sessions/month
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Life Coach

What do you want to create?

We start by getting clear on what it is you want. 

Then we go to work on aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions with that, so that it can manifest with ease and velocity. 

As your life coach, I will be there to support you in actualizing the results you desire, while teaching you how to do this on your own, so you can go out and repeat the process over and over again, creating a magical life for yourself.

When you’re doing alignment coaching with me, we are consistently focusing on and putting energy into achieving your results. Getting yourself in alignment makes taking the actions (which are what produces the results) fun and easy. 

Through working with me for 6 months being in alignment becomes the automatic way you live your life, so you begin to choose thoughts that are in support of you automatically. 

Without alignment, you are in a cycle of consistently taking action, but not getting the results you want- this is exhausting!

Let’s get you in alignment, and have you be a manifesting machine.


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What They Say
  • Kerry Bo Berry taught me so many great tools to help me recondition my thoughts. We are specifically working on body love and some of the activities really gave me a huge mindset shift right away!

  • Kerry has helped me significantly with helping me see my blind spots and coaching me through the awareness and then the mindset shift.

  • Kerry’s sessions take me through a range of emotions from crying to laughing. I usually leave our sessions smiling, empowered by her sharp insights and tools to mindfully manage the things that come up for me.

  • I like knowing how to sort my thoughts and feelings instead of being at the mercy of them.