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Tarot Reader, Website Designer, Socia Media Maven

Molly Ann $$$ brings her grounded intuition to a deep understanding of what she calls “the math of tarot.” A ravenous student of the systems, metaphors, and messages inherently built into the imagery, Molly is also proficient in astrology, numerology, and Greek Mythology and this understanding unlocks the tarot in deeper and more nuanced ways.


Tarot Readings
$30 over FaceTime or Zoom
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Tarot Readings
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Social Media Publicity

Molly begins each reading by grounding herself and clearing her own energy. She then clears the energy of the space (either with a smudge or a bell) to allow for your energies to have the spotlight.

Molly will pull a spread for you using the Toth Tarot Deck which she loves because of its multi-dimensional metaphors and beautiful artistic imagery that brings these metaphors to life in ways that are easy for you to understand. Molly then uses her broad knowledge of all divination tools, her intuition, and a 20-year history as a comedian to bring you the most detailed and fun reading you will ever have. After we finishg the full story of what is happening in your world, you will pull an animal totem. This totem will help you to understand the reading from a completely different perspective and give you some practical earth energy to help you move forward with confidence.

We will end with some practical next steps you can take to help move forward.

Molly Hale Media has been designing websites for almost a decade. 
Connect for rates if you’re in need of a virtual alter for your business!

Molly Ann has been doing social media for over a decade and previous clients include restaraunts, authors, events, bloggers, comedians, and artists of all kinds. She is an expert in all social platforms, ad buying, content creation and branding. If you are looking for a boost to your online business, check out her wesbite –>

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