Phoenix Lamour

Hermetic High Priestess

I am here to help you remember and connect to the powerful magic that you already are.


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Reiki is an ancient healing art practiced everywhere from Asia to Egypt, literally meaning universal life force. Practitioners are attuned by a Reiki master to open the mind to universal healing energy, which is then directed through the hands of the healer during the session.


Many people report experiencing a tingling or heated sensation in the area being treated. There are also many reports of seeing visuals while the clients lie with their eyes closed. Old memories and thoughts may resurface during the session, allowing the client to release repressed traumas in a healthy way. You get off the table feeling refreshed, well-rested, and empowered.


During a session our goals are to balance the energetic field by dispelling energetic blocks, rejuvenating energy-depleted areas, and bringing mental clarity, peace, and introspection to the client. This is achieved by first scanning the body and the chakras for anything affecting the auric field, then transferring reiki energy through the hands to needed areas. Healing crystals may also be placed on or around the body for assistance. Reiki is perfect for those who are beginning or maintaining a meditation practice, looking to heal old emotional traumas, or journeying to obtain optimum mental and physical health.


A natal chart takes into account the time, date, and location of birth to produce an image of the cosmos the moment we came into this new life. Most people are aware of their sun sign, but aren’t aware of how our other cosmic neighbors influence everything from our emotions, aggression, dreams, and even more!


A natal chart serves to reveal a blueprint to the personality in this lifetime, as well as past life karma, and soul purpose. This information can be a great tool to bring to your conscious mind the subconscious motivations that are running in the background. This puts the controller of your life back in your hands, as your understanding of self reaches new heights, allowing you the opportunity to heal, grow, and excel.

WHAT is divine astrology?

Divine astrology combines the elements of a natal chart reading with a draconic chart to track the evolution of the soul over several lifetimes. A natal chart is a great tool for understanding your personality throughout this lifetime, but a divine astrology reading is a more advanced session to go deeper into your soul-alchemy journey. It addresses questions such as why you came here, what are you evolving through in this life, where have you been stagnant in your growth during past lifetimes, and where are you headed after this? A divine astrology reading requires at least 1.5 hours in order to relay the most pertinent information. A natal chart reading is not required beforehand, but would greatly help the individual to process this deeper level of understanding if they are already familiar with it.

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As a reader, my claircognizance allows me to channel from Source directly, but I use tarot and oracle cards for visual representation. I work closely with the element of fire to purify and transmute anything keeping you from shining your brightest, whether the source of conflict is internal or external. I am here to help you remember and connect to the powerful magic that you already are, and to stand confidently in your sovereignty.

Phoenix is a certified Tarot & Oracle card reader and instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Hermetic High Priestess. She holds her B.A. in Biology and Psychological Science, and is a published researcher in both fields. She is also a nationally-certified tutor through Varsity Tutors, and was a teaching assistant in college for both departments, as well as tutoring center supervisor. She loves to teach and help people gain a better understanding of themselves during the process.


In this class, students will learn to read tarot and oracle cards and tap into their intuitive abilities. We will cover topics including, but not limited to the Major and Minor Arcana, how to read for events further or backward in time, psychic development, ethics and boundaries, and how to decode the card meanings using symbolism, numerology, and the elements.


Phoenix is a Master Teacher in the Usui Ryoho Reiki Healing system, originally presented by Master Mikao Usui in Japan. During classes, students are attuned using the appropriate symbols according to Levels 1 – Master Teacher. Classes run between 2 – 4 hours long, and come with a manual for instruction. All classes are $100.



Continuing the research of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgonite combines organic and inorganic materials to create an energetic field which cleanses and charges energy while reducing EMF radiation. Every living thing has its own energy field, which can become disrupted or lose its integrity if too much negative energy is absorbed. Orgonite uses the piezoelectric qualities of quartz crystal, which generates an electrical charge when placed under pressure, as well as conductive metals to push the current throughout the resin piece. My pieces are all made with 24k gold, copper, brass, iron, and aluminum in various shapes and sizes for maximum effect. Different types of healing crystals are added to enhance the energy with specific intentions for that piece, along with selenite and shungite powders. Some orgonite pieces are great for office spaces for their charging and uplifting energy, while some others are more suited for the bedroom to help with rest and recovery. Orgonite pyramids generate a large field around them, while charging plates are great for cleansing your jewelry or personal items. You can even place a glass of water on your charging plate to then drink in the orgone energy! Personal talismans are great to keep in your pocket or handbag, and jewelry pieces can be worn close to the body to receive maximum benefit. All pieces are made with love in alignment with the sun and moon cycles, and are charged with Reiki healing energy.


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What They Say
  • Phoenix is one of the best and most accurate astrologers I know. If I have questions about what’s happening in the stars and what’s happening in the world I look to Phoenix, she really cares about helping you know yourself on a soul-deep level. Are you looking for an Energy worker you can trust? Look no further.

  • Phoenix is a rare gift. Her energy is LIGHT, her words are SINCERE, and she approaches HEALING with HUMILITY- a trait that is often lacking in the healing community- as many of us carry the unhealthy aspects of EGO with us, inhibiting our ability to truly help those in need.

  • I work closely with the element of fire to purify and transmute anything keeping you from shining your brightest, whether the source of conflict is internal or external. I am here to help you remember and connect to the powerful magic that you already are, and to stand confidently in your sovereignty.

  • We were able to do a reiki session and I could just feel my flower petals opening up more and more for ME to experience how powerful I was. I truly felt like I was blooming. The spirits spoke to her so clearly and she was able to relay pertinent messages for me to carry with me as I trekked along my ever growing journey… It has been such a beautiful experience having her with me on my spiritual journey.

  • Phoenix doesn’t treat her healing as just a job, and you can feel the energy transfer. Let’s go off on a tangent for a moment and talk about her energy: it is unmatched. She has a way of making you feel comfortable enough to open up, be vulnerable, and receive the help you came seeking. It’s like she’s your imaginary friend; knows everything about you without it having to be said. Do you understand how incredible and rare that is? To feel understood without having to constantly and repeatedly overexplain yourself?

  • Phoenix is a powerful mystic & healer & an amazing teacher. She is intuitive, wickedly smart and able to channel spirit guides. Her Reiki has provided deep healing and she is one of the best massage therapists ever. Oh, and she also makes orgonite pyramids! I recently commissioned one & it is a treasure—beautiful & resonating with energy.  Phoenix is a gift to the world on many levels —find her—you will be happy you did!

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