Energy Witch. Expert in Stress Relief for Empowerment, Vitality & Longevity.

Swirl is an energy witch, aka a sorceress.  She moves and works with energy through connection to self through breath, movement, sound, nourishment, hydration,and rest. This work radiates from within to without. The more balanced in our beingness and internal biome the more balance naturally flows out into the world around us. Balance and Wellness through Truth and Love are her mission in this life. 

She has many offerings on and offline to work with her. From cleanse and flush protocols, guidance, and facilitation to hands on work as well as teaching workshops, retreats, and trainings. 

She is passionate about connecting the witches that are spread around the county and the world to each other. She loves connecting dots and bridging communities. Feel free to reach out to her to simply connect in to the network and engage the flow with the other witches.


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EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance
Rebirthing Breath work Session
Sound Healing
Loving the Edge of You One day Workshop
Moving Back into Balance
Wholistic Wellness Within Signiture Program
EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance
Rebirthing Breath work Session
Sound Healing
Attunement Sessions
Moving Back Into Balance
Loving the Edge of You

This is a 90 day one on one coaching program designed to help breakthrough stressors to empower and support individuals through wellness transformation from the inside out.  Resulting in a more balanced, less stressful, happier, healthier lifestyle!

The first step is to book a Stress Breakthrough call! You will feel less stress just by getting on the phone with me because you are taking action towards relief. We will then uncover your biggest stressors, look deeper into how your life got to where it is, and map out a plan to break free from stress ruling your life.

Book a stress breakthrough call by clicking here.

Live Class 2x a week

Grounded in an open, stable stance that specifically isolates all motion to the spine, the upper body is gracefully gyrated through a fluid sequence of pivotal movements. This art of rhythmic spinal tuning systematically exercises the intervertebral disks to avoid disk degeneration by maintaining their inherent strength, pliability and absorbency. EDGU balances the left and right hemispheres of the body/brain, releases mal-aligned vertebrae, and liberates compensation patterns held in the body. EDGU creates a “wholly” experience, blending body movement with spiritual invocation.

EDGU is a spinal maintenance movement series that is told through story. A fun and invigorating way to feel good and keep the spine flexible and young. The series is designed to flex and toggle each vertebrae therefore lubricating the spine with cerebral spinal fluid, this helps us feel vital and more alive.  EDGU can be practiced while sitting or standing or even in a wheel chair, there are no contra-indications for this work. This means anyone, big or small, any age and experiencing any physical condition, can practice EDGU and receive the awesome benefits from this maintenance series.

90 minute breath work session.

Through extended, connected breathing, a client is guided along a wave of physical sensations and returned to their natural state with heightened awareness and clarity.

Rebirthing Breath work is an energy clearing form of connected conscious breathing.  Through gentle support and intuitive coaching an individual is guided into an “energy cycle” led by their own breath.  One goal of Rebirthing Breath work is for the client to consciously recall their first breath in this life. Traumatic events in our lives are often held and stored in our bones and muscles, as well as in our perceptions of how these events occurred. Rebirthing Breath work provides a safe environment for events in our lives to be processed and perceived in new ways.  The name “rebirthing” comes from the awesome sensations on a deep cellular level of renewal and complete cleansing…feeling “reborn.” Clients can expect great clarity and altered states of consciousness following these sessions thanks to the high levels of oxygen being supplied to the brain

Intuitive soundscapes are created predominantly by my voice to relax and wash the body in powerful tones providing a one-of-a-kind experience!

Immerse yourself in a vibrational sound experience like never before.

Sound immediately changes the chemical and electrical activity of our brain. Stuck energy and physical blockages are contacted using resonant and dissonant sounds across many octaves and occasionally incorporating other instruments to add to the sound spectrum.  Science has begun understanding that messages are often carried through the body, not electrically but via vibrations in sound waves. Our sound sessions are designed to meet these minute vibrations of the body and work from this foundational level outward to address the whole body, mind and spirit.

Bringing Balance to the World

Alphabiotics is a process that deals directly with the negative impact of unrelieved, off balancing stress on the brain and body.

Stress is destroying your body!

Stress can manifest itself physically as any of the following symptoms:

Cognitive Symptoms

Memory problems, Indecisiveness, Inability to concentrate, Poor judgement

Emotional Symptoms

Feeling tense and “on edge,” Depression, Agitation, Short temper, Restlessness

Physical Symptoms

Insomnia, Headaches or back aches, Fibromyalgia, Weight gain or loss, Muscle tension and stiffness, Diarrhea or constipation, Chest pain, Rapid heartbeat, Loss of sex drive, Frequent colds

Behavioral Symptoms

Using alcohol of drugs to relax, Overdoing activities, Teeth grinding, Eating more or less, Sleeping too much or too little, Isolating yourself from others

Alphabiotics relieves the negative effect of stress on the body!

Our stress levels doubling every 10 years.

And it’s only getting worse.  Recent research suggests that anywhere from 60-90% of illness today is stress-related.  According to the American Medical Association, “We are in the midst of the worst degenerative disease crisis in the history of mankind.”

Understanding Stress

Simple stresses are those that can be overcome quickly allowing the body to return to homeostasis.  However, with the more complex stresses of modern societies, the danger may seem unavoidable and unending.  Time pressures, money worries, chemical pollution, job challenges, prescription drugs, poor nutrition, threat of terrorism, overwork, and environmental pollution are unrelenting.  Without a clear end, the body becomes trapped in a defensive, energy wasting, outer-reactive state.

If Structure is Wrong, Function is Wrong

We know that the two hemispheres of the brain control all bodily functions.  When we are locked in an unrelieved stress state one side of the body becomes weak, and the other becomes measurably tense.  The loss of balanced muscle pull, combined with gravity, distorts the body producing the crouched, high-hip, short led, imbalanced effect of a person ready for fight or flight.

 The Alignment

The Alignment process is a very gentle and quick process.  It involves a unique movement of the head that has been performed over a million times without any negative consequences.  It is a high level non-threatening sensory input into the brain, a way to communicate to the brain in a way it understands.  This stress pattern interrupt allows the brain to do a system check and realize that there is no real threat, therefore no need to maintain a protective mode,  Once this occurs the two hemispheres of the brain come into balance and the body follows. When this happens the body receives a massive supply of previously misdirected energy, and balance is restored.

Attunement Sessions are intuitive hands on bodywork sessions.  Our bodies are multilayered/multidimensional instruments vibrating at specific frequencies.  This is a tune up for your being, holding an creating space for each layer to open and tune in to each other.

Each session is unique to the individual incorporating multiple modalities of Bodywork (Thai massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Thereapy, Reflexology, Holistic massage, and Lymphatic drainage,) Sound Healing, and Breath work.  Almost always accompanied by the Alphabiotic alignment process before and after the tune up.

8 days of movement and intention, leading your mind, body & soul back into balance.

 Using EDGU, Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance, you will learn to maintain your spine and nurture your brain-body connection. It brings alignment and balance to your entire being through a series of movements.

 Over the course of the retreat we will break down the sequence, learn the steps & story in depth, and explore how this relates to your own story.

 This peaceful retreat allows you to relieve back pain and learn a new practice in a gorgeous setting.

 After 8 days of blissful practice you will have the option to apply this training towards an EDGU teacher training. Let your instructors know if you are interested in deepening your practice and pursuing additional certification after our time together.


Reset, Renew, Relax, and Move Back into Balance

One day Workshop

This is a workshop to deepen into self love using meditation, concentration, and contemplation.  In this workshop you learn a variety of self care techniques and we use EDGU to focus on transforming our own unique story.  We use self reflection to dive deep within to let go, receive, express, and allow.  We then apply the integrative movements of EDGU to program our brains and bodies with the new story we created!

EDGU is Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance. Grounded in an open, stable stance that specifically isolates all motion to the spine, the upper body is gracefully gyrated through a fluid sequence of pivotal movements. This art of rhythmic spinal tuning systematically exercises the intervertebral disks to avoid disk degeneration by maintaining their inherent strength, pliability and absorbency. EDGU balances the left and right hemispheres of the body/brain, releases mal-aligned vertebrae, and liberates compensation patterns held in the body. EDGU creates a “wholly” experience, blending body movement with spiritual invocation.

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What they say
  • Swirl is one of the most empowering and inspiring women I’ve ever met. She is unique in many ways. What I found most helpful is the way she will help you wade through your own bullshit, push you into that slightly uncomfortable place that we all need to often be pushed in to, and allow you to step into your higher self. I can’t recommend her enough for not only her knowledge about health and wellness but her amazing coaching skills.

  • Before I worked with Swirl I struggled with feelings of shame and unworthiness, which I learned from childhood trauma and various life experiences. I did not believe In myself or my capabilities and thus I frequently gave my power away. Fear was the major motivator in my life and was the lens through which I viewed the world.

    Working with Swirl helped tremendously in a lot of different areas of my life. She helped me to undo a great deal of negative unconscious programming; self-forgiveness and self-compassion were things we worked on heavily together, she both lead by example and also taught me new gentle ways to get along with myself. She helped me identify and differentiate between my past traumas/their reactions and my inner self/intuition. She helped me understand what an energy drain and waste of time regret is, and how it isn’t productive or healthy for me to dwell on how things could have been, and that we have to keep moving forward.

    I have seen many positive outcomes and benefits from working with Swirl. Through her lessons and encouragement I have learned to feel more confident, and less inclined to limit myself or be discouraged – she helped me realize that often the best thing I can do is get out of my own way. I have become deeply aware of how I relate with myself and the world around me, what that means about where I am on my journey, and what I can learn from my experiences while I trust in my process. I enjoy a greater ability to put myself first (be my own Number One) in order to feel more independently grounded within myself and also be better for the people I love and care about. I don’t know where my life would be without having worked with Swirl. I’m so grateful!

  • When examining my state of living before working with Swirl, I found myself facing many life challenges and lacking all the tools available to overcome such obstacles. First and foremost I found myself ungrounded. I have always been skilled and able to accomplish anything, but often found myself easily straying from life paths through relationships, work, and lifestyle habits. Often consumed by one or all of these things, it was easy to lose track of my own personal truth. Similarly being consumed by my surroundings, I also had lost true connection to my physical body. Making it extremely difficult to fully check in with myself, therefore impossible to engage in active self care. Lastly, I thought that I was consuming a healthy and nutritious diet, but was still experiencing bad digestion and all the varied symptoms that accompany it.

    In the matters of being ungrounded and losing myself in day to day life, Swirl guided me to enforcing healthy boundaries. Through meditation, breathwork, and positive self affirmations I began to make distinction between myself and my environment. In this process Swirl has guided me to tuning deeper into my true self. By bringing balance to my personal vibration and the noise of the world, I experienced I became resensitized to my body and its needs. Through extreme amounts of knowledge Swirl has assisted me through the nutritional body balancing process.

    Through the help of Swirl I can today tune into my higher self. I am now better equipped to listen to my personal truths amongst the loud noise of the world. By being able to follow my inner guide I’m able to tune into my physical body and fully understand what is going on. For the first time in my adult life I have found comfort in my skin, voice, and spirit. To support all of this ground breaking work, I now contain a widespread nutritional knowledge. For food is the first medicine, and everything we put into our bodies has an effect.

  • I love Swirl, she is a magical woman with many talents and skills!!! Swirl has helped me in so many ways over the years we have been working together! There have been countless times of deep counsel with this wonderful woman that I have come out of with better understanding of myself and how to move forward with intention and grace. I will share a few of these circumstances with you now.

    ***During a very hectic time in my life I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, affecting people around me in negative ways and not realizing it or understanding why. Swirl helped me to ground out and understand how I was affecting other people and why so that I was able to become aware and take the steps to make changes in my life and be more accountable to others and not over promise what I couldn’t deliver… (the hardships of a people pleaser)

    ***When I was 11 I had surgery for Scoliosis where they put a titanium metal rod in my back and bolted it to my spine to help me grow straight. I have suffered from back problems for years. Learning the spinal movement series- EDGU and receiving regular bodywork and alignments from Swirl has helped me to much achieve and maintain a mostly pain free body.

    ***Diet is one of the most important pieces of keeping our bodies happy and healthy. Swirl has taken so much time and care figuring out the best diet for her body by doing countless elimination diets, cleanses etc. watching her go through this process and learning about the gut biome and over all gut health and probiotics has changed my eating habits and probiotic intake forever!! We do have a brian in our gut and we need to take care of it so it can function properly and give is the signals we need to listen to our gut and intuition more properly. Swirl opened my eyes to this understanding!