Oracle, Intuitive Interpreter

I was hired as an Oracle for the season premiere of a popular Cable TV series. I was put in costume and advised to “stay in character”. I had packed wings and crystals, bones and bees all items from my Earth altar at home. My table was set. In a corner, one of 4 for the evening.

I arranged my precious items in a powerful display. Honoring the directions and elements in placement. As the first person approached I could feel an energy surging through me. This young soul poured their heart out to me.  As they chose an item on the table i proceeded to interpret its meaning. Our exchange was electric. The outcome complete. After that first encounter I realized I wasn’t acting. This was The real deal, I was tapped in and was receiving guidance.

My line for readings was 10 people deep. Three hours passed like a flash. It was invigorating. It was then that i let myself accept that I had a gift.  The stories people shared. The vulnerability, honesty, raw emotion was astonishing.  And as I reflected not so unusual for me. I have been doing this work for ages. Having embraced this fact I felt honored and elated and couldn’t wait to do it again.


Oracle Intuitive Readings
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Oracle Readings

It is more potent to be in each others presence for a session.
To be honest that’s the only sort of interpreting I have done, one on one.
If you are drawn to my work and are not in Los Angeles I am confident we could find a way to connect.

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