The question we get asked more than any other is “How do I Witch?” And although we would never assume to know how anyone should witch, we are happy to provide a list of our favorite resources to get you started.


~ Get a library card.
(Did you know you can queue books by title and have them sent to your nearest library?)

~ Source tools and materials with intention. 

~ Shop locally.

~ Garden. 

~ Scroll for resources



Modern Witch Tools For the Modern Witch
Boost you spell magic, an Audio guide with witch tips and tricks
Food for the chakras with Vanita K. Gupta

Free Podcast Playlists

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Where to Start

Beginner Witches! This is our absolute fave starter guide. Easy for every day use, this bible has everything.

We have given this book away more times than we can count. A perfect gift for weddings, graduations and birthdays.

Nature Near You

Go outside, Witch!
The majesty is all around us.
Find a hike in the greater LA area.
Every state has parks!
Waves for days.
Some of the best nature in the world.
Pristine wilderness.
A special vortex with awesome trees.
They don't make 'em like this anymore.



    The Secret History of Dreaming

    By Robert Moss

    Dream Tending

    By Stephen Aizenstat

    Buddha in Redface

    By Eduardo Duran

    By Judy Hall
    To tidy up is to Feng Shui
    Feng Shui Goddess
    Lillian Too's Feng Shui Blog


      Big picture astrology
      Practical astrology for every sign
      A Practical Guide to Astrology
      North Node Astrology
      Astrology with an attitude
      Get your natal chart
      Another place for natal charts
      Complete Astrology
      Do It Yourself Astrology
      Love Signs