Saturday: Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo

Location: Between the brows

Essential Oils: Clary sage, lemongrass

Crystals: lapis, amethyst, fluorite, tanzanite, lepidolite

Element: Light

Food and drink: Goji berries, eggplant, plums, acai, eyebright tea, plenty of water

Affirmation: I am tuned into the divine to follow the path towards my purpose

Saturday / Saturnday

Today’s Focus is intuition versus fantasy: what is true versus what we want to be true. Intuition can be firm and, at times, quite loud, but it’s never panicked or in a rush, even when change is long past due. Fantasy, however, sweeps in with grand divisions that have an urgency borne from the belief that this idea is a ticket- the diet, the career change, the whatever that will finally create desired change. Fantasy is often packaged which fear of missing out if we don’t jump on its advice, so today, get curious about your inner dialogue and feelings. If you’re moved to pursue a course of action, What feelings and thoughts arise if you consider not doing so? When we ignore our own intuition we might feel a heaviness or dullness, as if some of the life has been drained from us, where as thwarting our fantasies can trigger anxiety and the pressure to charge forward, no matter the cost.


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