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Tarot for teens. This is the perfect starter deck. Inclusive, classic, and modern tarot.

A fun and in-depth way to learn more about your astrological compatibility with a partner. 

Conjure the Queen of Wands and seduce the world with this intoxicating potion. A staple for sex magic. 

Alana Fairchild’s exceptional Oracle deck for Boss-Witch-Rebel-Rousers.

Sandalwood is known for its grounding effects. Perfect for ritual, cleansing, & relaxation. Morning Star’s incense is soft and subtle.

A poetic tarot deck for earthy Witches. Kim Kranz brings a mystical natural vocabulary to the math of traditional tarot.

Nature For President

All Rainbows Come in Women, Men & Kids' Sizes & Styles
$55 - $70
$5 - $10

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