🍓🌝 Happy Strawberry Full Moon Witches! 🌝🍓

The reason we call this moon a Strawberry Moon is because today marks the time is right for harvesting ripening wild berries (North America). Other names given to this moon are, Mead Moon, Honey Moon, and Rose Moon.🍓 This moon is in the loving, adventurous and enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius, being influenced by expansive Jupiter. Sagittarius brings us a sense of abundance and optimism. 🍓 We offer the ritual of connecting to the powerful energy of gratitude as we harvest our abundant field of berries. What rewarding fruits are you enjoying from the efforts of your labor? Taking this moment to journal or list all that you are grateful for will give you both a boost of appreciation for your work and strength for future endeavors. 🍓 We invite you now to look ahead with expansive Jupiter on your side. Draw your bow and focus your arrow while asking yourself; What would I create if I were guaranteed success in that venture? With your answer clear on the horizon, with love and trust release your arrow, watch it effortlessly glide through the sky and pierce your dream. Now in order to retrieve our arrow we must walk, step by step towards that horizon. Remembering that nothing is impossible, all we must do to awaken our dreams is trust each step. 🍓

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