♉️ During this time we all move together through the energy of the bull. A fixed Earth sign, Taurus is about the sex of spring, getting your hands in the dirt, and taking a nap in the breezy shade of a tall tree.
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🌱This Aries New Moon is all about Re- Birth. 🌱
 The planting of the seeds that we wish to see grow into our future.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and New Moons signal the start of a new lunar cycle, so there is strong energy for new beginnings and fresh starts.
We are, as...
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🍓The reason we call this moon a Strawberry Moon is because today marks the time is right for harvesting ripening wild berries (North America). Other names given to this moon are, Mead Moon, Honey Moon, and Rose Moon.🍓
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💙 Once in a Blue Moon…✨ Blue Moon in March 2018 gives you an opportunity to be introspective, present and mindful of your own thoughts. Look within and work with your fears to release them from your subconscious. Transform your negative thought energy into positive thought energy.
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