Modern Witch Movement
Witch Camp Girls
Modern Witch Camp 2024 was more magical than we could have ever predicted. The nature! The community! The open hearts! Want to join us for the next one? Make sure you are signed up to our email list to be one of the first to know.
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Door Feng Shui
Being considered the mouth of the home, the main entrance is the portal of energy for your home. Luck flies through your door and into your personal space benefiting those residing in it. Therefore taking the time to analyze and make the necessary changes, will work wonders on correcting existing problems in your daily life.
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Goddess Freyja
In the realm of Norse mythology, few deities capture the imagination quite like Freya, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, and Magic. As we began envisioning our theme for Modern Witch Camp 2020, Freya emerged as the perfect embodiment of the power, passion, and mystique we wanted to infuse into our gathering. Here's why Freya...
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Modern Witch Camp Featured in Lady Spike Media
Witch Camp is an event for sister Witches who love to be in nature, explore their own magic in community, learn new magic tools and have a lot of Witchy fun! This year’s event features an opening night circle followed by a catered feast by Fork and Thyme Catering, a full weekend of workshops given...
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