Taurus Season

♉️ During this time we all move together through the energy of the bull. A fixed Earth sign, Taurus is about the sex of spring, getting your hands in the dirt, and taking a nap in the breezy shade of a tall tree.

💖 Taurus is ruled by Venus.
Venus is the goddess of love and is the mother to Cupid. She stands for beauty and feminine magic. Her energy is expansive and lucky. Bring Venus into your life by eating delicious foods, literally smelling the flowers, and pampering yourself with affirmations of your own beauty.
💟 Taurus is a femine sign. Be like Taurus; let go and receive. Whereas Aries season prompts us to jump into action, Taurus season asks us to slow down. Take stock. Plan. Listen to the birds. Sit still in nature and get some downloads only available to you when the electronics are off. Be inspired by who you are. Enjoy what you already have. We will be taunted into new action in the upcoming Gemini season, but for now, we can just be.
🌿 It’s no coincidence that Earth Day and Mother’s Day both occurr during Taurus season. Give thanks for rain, call your mom and hug someone you love.
☮️  (Muse: Delia Ivette)

🌏 Tend to your Earthly realms 🌎


Work out. Take a bath in essential oils. Give your muscles a massage.


Sweep out the old – literally and mentally. Open the windows to let in the smell of fresh-cut grass and the season’s first barbecue. Plant your garden!


Seek out an advisor who can help you make more of your saved monies, invest in yourself, read a book that can help your business grow.

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