Color: green or pink

Location: center of the chest

Essential oils: cardamom, eucalyptus, geranium, lime, marjoram, Melaleuca, peppermint, rose, thyme and (my all time favorite) Ylang Ylang

Crystals: Emerald, rose quartz, peridot, green kyanite, and aventurine

Food and drink: green and red foods (such as a salad or leafy greens with sweet apple slices in raw pumpkin seeds), tonic of aloe vera juice, herbal teas with hawthorn, rose, or jasmine

=Affirmation: I am giving and receiving love, effortlessly and unconditionally

Thursday / Thor's day

Today’s Focus is abundance versus hoarding. The heart is the great connector between the chakras as the midpoint of these seven energy centers and between us and all of life. When the chakras are healthy the heart has the support of the entire system, enjoying, for example, the safety of the root and the vulnerability of the navel, which allow the heart to remain open connected. This connection helps us perceive opportunities and support, and this generates trust that we will have enough without hoarding. Today, get curious about areas of anxiety and worry, areas where you feel like you have to hold on to prevent change for fear of loss. Can you sit with your uncomfortable feelings while simultaneously tapping into self-love? Shower yourself with green or pink light and bathe your worries in love. Does the addition of heart energy give you a glimpse of previously hidden options or ideas, and if so can you take the next step toward them?

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