In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.

- Mary Poppins

It’s important to remember that tools are simply… tools. The real power comes from you. 

A tool is meant to focus your own intention and to serve in visualizing what you are crafting/ manifesting.

We are sensory creatures who learn from patterns, symbols, and symmetry.

Ritual tools help us train and keep our focus where it needs to be—on the energetically charged space of your sacred intention. And since the vast majority of Witches also use these tools, we are joining up with the collective power of their energetic influence on the spiritual plane whenever we take them in hand.

Acquiring Your Tools

You can certainly find beautiful tools in New Age/Witch shops, and shopping can be fun, but can also be pricey. Second-hand shops are also excellent places to find unique possibilities. Online shops abound as well, and though you don’t get the luxury of holding and truly sensing the energy of the items until you’ve already made your purchase, this is still an option.

However, you can also get more creative and seek out objects that you already own and can be repurposed. For example, a special cup or goblet can become your chalice.  If you have some artisan skills, you can make plenty of your own tools. You can also look for them in nature. In fact, some Witches prefer that their tools be made from materials as close to nature as possible—using a small tree branch for a wand or a clam shell for a chalice.

Perhaps the most magical way to acquire your tools is to send out an intention for them, and watch as they show up in your life, one by one. Keep an eye out, but don’t be impatient, and you will be delightfully surprised when the wind blows a wand-sized branch right up to your door, or the perfect hand-made broom shows up at a yard sale.

Cleansing & Consecrating Magical Tools

It’s crucial to clear your tools of any residual energy from their former environments, and consecrate them for the purpose of ritual practice.

You can cleanse your tools by —

  • Palo santo/fire/sage – smoke
  • Exposing to the moon/sun
  • Placing in lake/ocean/river/blessed water
  • Placing in water exposed to the moon/sun
  • Placing in sacred/blessed salt

Cleansing your tools removes any negative or old energy that may be stuck or associated with previous ritual and blesses the tool for present use.

Once you’ve taken this step, it’s best to store your ritual tools together in a private space where their sacred energy will not be mixed in with the objects of everyday life.

A few tools to get you curious


Follow Your Intuition

These are merely a few tools in a tool box of thousands of ways to witch. We recommend that you explore, try and craft the best tools for you.


You are the most magickal tool of all. Your intentions and energies determine the results of any magickal work. Many Witches never use any other tool but their own personal energies! And some of the most powerful workings can be done without ever leaving your armchair. Focus, concentration, intention and desire are the real ‘tools” of the Witch!


The last tool you were expecting, but more than likely the one we use the most! Your phone is a source of information, connection and inspiration. What background image do you have that inspires your intentions for the week? Month? Year? What apps are you using? Are there apps that might help you stay on track spiritually? Meditate? Understand your finances?


An essential tool, not only for illumination but also as a representation of the Fire Element associated with the south, your creative/sex life, and the color red.

Burn candles as an offering for prayer. To add intention to burning candles: put intention behind the color of the candle and the time of day burned. Dress the candle with specific oils or carve runes & symbols into the wax before burning.


Traditionally made of wood, by the person who will use it. Always thnk the tree if still living. Strip the bark off or leave in tact, whichever you prefer. May be left natural or stained/varnished/oiled. The length of the wand depends upon what feels comfortable to you. Associated with the Element of Air, it is used to direct your will and magical energy during ritual. Many wands are fashioned with a stone or crystal at the tip to help focus energy.


Often used to mark the beginning and end of a spell. Associated with the element of air, the bell is considered a feminine symbol and is often used to invoke the Goddess in ritual. Can be rung to ward off evil spells and spirits, to halt storms, or to evoke good energies. Placed in cupboards or hung on the door to guard the home.

Book of Shadows

This “magical cookbook” is your very own journal, often with sections on various topics of all the things you’ve been working on and and a running commentary on tidbits you’ve collected. It can also be something else entirely. Your creativity drives the narrative. Or maybe it’s a map?


Associated with the element Earth and commonly used to cleanse and purify. Most commonly combined with water in ritual for consecrating the circle. Coarse Sea Salt is often kept on the altar in a small bowl or cauldron for cleansing tools of negative energies.


Essential components in magikcal workings. Burned in ritual or boiled into a potion ( or tea ) based on their attributes. Incense, is composed of a combination of herbs, plants, oils and resins, and are used for purification and meditation. Incense is associated with the element of air. Different incenses have different attributes depending on their base herbal composition.


A deck of 78 cards picturing the journey and cycle of life, growth, death and rebirth. Used for centuries to reveal hidden truths and provide a mirror for the soul. Can be used in spell work, meditation or for checking in with daily spirit.


Normally a three-legged vessel, ideally made of iron with an opening smaller than the body of the cauldron. They come in a variety of sizes and has many different uses. Can be used to contain a small charcoal fire for burning papers or other ritual items in spellwork. The Cauldron represents the womb of the Goddess or fertility. It also signifies transformation as the elements enter it in one state and leave it in another. A traditional symbol of the Goddess. A tool of the west, it is associated with the element of water.

Crystals / Stones

Representations of the Earth Element, each gemstone has differing attributes which can be used for spell work depending on the need. Can be used to mark the boundaries of your circle. You may even want to keep a specific one in your pocket while traveling for protection (turquoise), or on a special date for keeping the heart open and centered (rose quartz) .


Used to anoint or charge tools like candles during blessings and used for purifications. Can be applied topically or diffused to clear a busy mind for meditating or before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Lavender is good for that 😉


Since ancient times, runes have been used for divination and magic, in addition to writing. The word “rune” actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Each rune has esoteric meanings and properties associated with it and translates into a word or a phrase signifying concepts important to the early peoples who used them. They represent the forces of nature and the mind. Each rune has a story attached to it, a relationship to a Norse God.