And the art of placement.

Feng shui, meaning wind and water, is an ancient form of science (magic) in which the “chi” energy lines are mapped out on any given location/space using a compass.

Those lines are described as the “cosmic breath” of the celestial dragon & it seeks to  combine the the celestial law of (astronomy) with the law of earth (geography) into a harmonious one.

These chi energy lines are then split into the four cardinal directions (N,S,E,W)
each occupying an angle of 90 degrees in any space/location.


This area of the home is associated with energy of Career, Life path, Finance and Wealth advancements. Its is ruled by the element of water, remember that metal produces water and so imagery of water on metal frames perhaps can be auspicious here. Colors of blue and black as well as undulating objects and images of people you admire in the professional field you would like to explore as a future career can be very auspicious, make sure these images are of good size and positioned up high. Avoid too much red, as well as plants can exhaust the water element, also avoid having any form of clutter in this area as it attracts obstacles on your path to success.


This area is associated with the energy of Fame, recognition, reputation/good name & promotions.  It is ruled by the element of fire, displaying any symbols of success such as awards, diplomas etc. Images of powerful creatures especially those who rule the element of wind such as birds to symbolize courage and perseverance for future fame. An image of a victorious looking horse would do well if you wants to attract the luck that enables you to beat the competition. Triangular shapes and objects in shades of red, orange to symbolize fire, candles and burning of incense in this area is highly auspicious, and yes….it is a great place for a fireplace, keeping that in mind avoid too many earth elements or decorations or the color yellow because it exhausts your fire.


This direction of the home is associated with the energy of Longevity, accumulation of wealth assets, health, family, well being and foundation. In this part of the home the chi signifies the essence of growth, reflected in the wood element. Keep a healthy store of yang energy here, it is also a great place for a study room or office. Pictures of family and friends with fresh flowers is considered auspicious here. Make free use of plants here such as a broad leaved plant (choose trees & plants with a solid trunk to ensure a firm foundation). green colors of all shades would do well here. Remember to always change the flowers as soon as they begin to look wilted to keep the energy fresh. Images of nature and celestial creatures such as dragons are extremely auspicious. Avoid too many artificial lights in the east.


This area of the home is associated with Creativity, future projects, the birth of new ideas, family bonds, youth/children and descendants luck. Ruled by the element of metal, using shades of gray and white as well as metallic items like silver and gold can benefit in bringing in luck for yourself as well as generations to come. Spheric objects and images that speak of creativity such as children and toys belong in this area, so this makes it a great place for a family room, play area, even placing a pet’s bed here could be auspicious. The west is a space where happiness arises as a result of a happy family, always keep the chi here smooth and harmonious. Avoid to much water in this sector.

Wood produces fire --> Fire produces earth --> Earth produces metal --> Metal produces water --> Water produces wood

Begin by standing in the center of your home or space.

Using a compass locate and face the direction of true north in the room, correlate North on your Bagua Map.

Determine whether the ruling elements and energies in the space are in harmony with the sector they inhabit.

Each room in the home or office can be regarded as a small universe where all the rules and formulas apply.

Elements should be mutually enhancing rather than mutually destructive.

When you learn to live in harmony with the earth, hills, and the water in your environment, a benevolent flow of chi will benefit you.


Considered to be the spirit element, associated with well being, balance and vitality.  This area should be well lit, alive and full of activity. This will activate the precious yang energy. Utilize earth elements, a beautiful family portrait perhaps in a wooden frame to enhance the importance of family and home. A beautiful crystal chandelier would be great if this is a dining room area. Perhaps a beautiful rug with vibrant earth tones in this are would be auspicious. Think, yellows.


Every direction is then split one more time to create a total of 9 directions on the Lo-Shu grid map AKA the magic square.

Traditional forms of Feng Shui require an extremely accurate compass (Luo Pan). However, one can make good use of this craft by applying the principles laid out in this Bagua chart.

This ancient form of placement can be applied to any given location/space.


This area is associated with the energy of the direction of life, spiritual quest,knowledge, wisdom, education, study, training, craft, skills, self cultivation and scholastic luck. It is ruled by the earth element so obviously images of landscapes and mountains will be auspicious as well as shades of dark greens and blues. Crystals are the most powerful manifestation of earth but porcelain and clay objects of square or rectangular shapes should also be placed here. Decorate this space with symbols of knowledge like books & maps of all kinds, also try placing a small table lamp or a candle to represent inner illumination. Do make sure the lamp or candles are not overpowering the energy of earth as it will exhaust this area.


This direction of the home is associated with energy of travel, business partners, influential benefactors, helpful people and blessings. The element of this corner is metal, which signifies gold, naturally, metal and earth elements go well. Images of people of great influence and powerful animals (avoid images of animals that look threatning). Always keep this area clean, fresh, make sure this corner gets activated with fresh air often. Here is the area were we place expressions of gratitude, magazines of places we would like to travel, material wealth we would like to attain which makes it a great place for a vision board . Use minimal water and fire energy here.


This corner on the map is associated with energy of universal wealth, prosperity, abundance, income and increased earnings. Ruled by the element of wood, try placing a water feature to increase income level energy, an aquarium with moving fish and lots of plants generate auspicious chi and attract prosperity. Go with columnar shapes, bamboo & symbols of material wealth. A treasure chest and money from different parts of the world as well as shades of green and purple and items in numbers of eight all should be place in this area. Avoid having clutter and too much fire in this area.


This area of the home is associated with peace and harmony, communication, partnerships, romance, love,happiness and marriage. Ruled by the element of earth, this area should be decorated with elements and items in even numbers, preferably in pairs. Placing symbols that represent union is a powerful talisman for generating luck with love, friends, colleagues and superiors. Flowers, crystals, images of love, romance and passion should be kept in mind when decorating this area of the home. Heart shaped items preferably framed by rectangular or squared shapes, red, purple and all shades of peach and pink should be enhancing this area. Be sure to keep it extremely clean and smelling good. Remember that wood can exhaust earth so do be careful when adding plants as well as metallic objects.

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