Why We Chose the Goddess Diana

Why We Chose the Goddess Diana as Our Theme for Modern Witch Camp 2024

As we began envisioning Modern Witch Camp 2024, one figure emerged as the perfect embodiment of our values and the energies we want to cultivate: the Roman goddess Diana. Diana, with her associations with nature, power, femininity, and the mysteries of the moon, is the ideal patroness for our gathering.

Goddess Diana

At her core, Diana is a goddess of the wilderness and the hunt. In an age where many of us feel disconnected from the natural world, celebrating Diana encourages us to rewild ourselves, to reclaim our place within the web of life. Her expertise with the bow is a potent symbol of the power that lies within us, and the striving for knowledge and self-mastery that is at the heart of the witch’s path.

Diana is also a goddess intimately tied to the mysteries of femininity and the cycles of life. Her connections to fertility, childbirth, and the protection of women speak to the sacred trust that has long been placed in women’s bodies. In a world that still often seeks to control and diminish female power, Diana stands as a defiant reminder of the strength and beauty that resides within us.

As Diana Triformis – Diana, Luna, and Hecate – she represents the triple aspect of the goddess that is so central to witchcraft: maiden, mother, and crone. This tripartite nature of Diana reflects the stages of a woman’s life, the phases of the moon, and the cycle of birth, growth, and death that governs the natural world.

Diana’s worship was not confined to grand temples, but often took place in household rituals, emphasizing her role as a patroness of families and the domestic sphere. In an era where the personal is still political, Diana reminds us that our daily lives, our relationships, and the way we care for one another are all part of our spiritual practice.

But perhaps most importantly, Diana is a moon goddess, her name meaning “goddess of light and of the moon” in Latin. Her connection to the lunar cycle, with its rhythms of growth, fullness, decay, and renewal, speaks to the deepest, most intuitive parts of ourselves. The moon, like Diana, is a symbol of the mysteries that lie beyond the reach of our rational minds, the ebb and flow of life that we must learn to navigate if we are to live fully and authentically.

As we gather for Modern Witch Camp 2024, we will be invoking the spirit of Diana in all her forms. We will run wild under the moon, our feet bare and our hearts full, reconnecting with the land and with our own deepest selves. We will celebrate our power and our beauty, our resilience and our capacity for love. And we will remember that we are not alone, that we are part of a web of women and of nature that stretches back thousands of years, and that in that web, we find our strength.

So come, join us, and let us dance in Diana’s silver light together. Let us feel her bow singing in our hands, and her moon shining in our souls. For in Diana, we find not just a goddess, but a mirror reflecting back the very best of ourselves.

Goddess Diana

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