Fan for Root Chakra
Fan for Root Chakra – Our 1st chakra is our foundation. Only when we feel safe here, can we express ourselves through the other chakras. A fan keeps it cool when our fears want to fuel inflammation and allows for our root to connect with our crown.
Tea for Sacral Chakra
Tea for Sacral Chakra – Our 2nd chakra is where we feel our emotions and desires. Teas flush what isn’t serving us and replenish with sacred water and plant medicines. To add benefit to your daily tea, add essential oils, drink with a friend, or outside in nature.
Magic Wand for Solar Plexus Chakra – Our 3rd chakra is the force of personal power we assert in the world. When used with intention, a magic wand not only extends this internal fire but can hit targets with lightning precision. Tend to burns with care.
Tarot Cards for Heart Chakra – Our 4th chakra is the bridge between our earthly and spiritual aspirations. Tarot cards are helpful when we are stuck in the replay of a fear-based story and need to see the situation from a new perspective. Choose a deck that speaks to you in pictures your heart can’t wait to see again.
Singing Bowl for Throat chakra – Our 5th chakra allows us to express ourselves and communicate with others. The singing bowl heals through music and is a great companion to chanting. It also relieves stress, allowing for us to communicate more directly from the heart or 4th chakra.
Runes for Third Eye Chakra
Runes for Third Eye Chakra – Our 6th chakra is the center of our intuition and foresight. Rune symbols, which look like letters made from sticks, connect us to ancient archetypes while leaving plenty of room for our imagination to play.
Compass For Crown Chakra
Compass for Crown Chakra – Our 7th chakra is our antenna for the universal. Use the compass to steer your vessel towards the moral North. The downloads you receive now, also receive you.
Photography & Copy: Molly Ann $ – Spell Witch
Co-Founder of Modern Witch Movement
Muse: Delia Ivette – Feng Shui Witch
Co-Host “Essential Chakras” series on Modern Witch Network

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