Yule – December 21

🖤As we begin our descent into the underworld of winter, we are asked to learn to embrace the darkness of our shadow. From now until Winter Solstice ( Yule, Dec 21 ) animals will rest in hibernation and the plants and trees will fall into their slumber. We too can use this time to journey into our most profound depths. What will we find when we not only acknowledge our shadow, but rest within this part of our spirit? What may come from this mirror? Contrast? Healing? Understanding? Learning to love all of our layers, dark, light and every one in between allows us to feel, see, act as a whole being. From this place of wholeness, a sparked light of truth and unconditional love can be ignited even in the darkest of places. Light is a gift, equal to darkness, for without each other, one would not exist. Gift yourself this season, your Darkness and your Light, so that you may walk this Earth and Dream with spirit as your whole, beautiful, powerful and truthful self. 🖤 

🌙🔮 Pay close attention to your dreams during this time. Your Spirit is the architect of the world you descend into each night. What is spirit showing you? More importantly, what feelings are you experiencing throughout your dreams? Create a ritual each night out of setting an intention to remember your dreams upon awakening and Keeping a dream journal to write down what you remember before getting out of bed and focusing your awareness on this reality. 🔮🌙 We send many blessings for the journey inward 🖤

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